Purdy Paper

The arts spark emotions thru interpretation.Enlighten, inspire, across different nations.You may not think “Purdy” or always agree.Our differences help us live happily free.By you being you, and me being me.Skill sets unite. Different players, same team. Life’s game is a journey. Stay honest. Legit.When stuff gets tough, never forget…Your purpose matters. Shine bright! Get lit!Chillax. Repent. Pray about it. God says love one another the same.Sent Jesus to save us. It’s true, I proclaim.You’re not alone. Repent. Call His name.Have faith thru the spirit, not idols or fame. Life is ALL thanks to Him, The Creator.Everlasting life can be yours thru the Savior.Plant a seed. Grow a tree. Embrace Mother Nature.My gift to share has become “Purdy Paper”
Welcome to my journey!!

Photography & Digital Media


Handcrafted Gifts

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